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Lost City Paperback Raffle!

Are you entered yet for a chance to win one of two signed paperback copies of Lost City?  Check the list of names below and make sure yours is there!

Fans have left comments on various threads, and I’m going to do my damnedest to make sure I get everyone, but if I miss your name, fear not.  Just let me know here or on Facebook and I’ll make sure you’re added!

Raffle entrants:

Andrew Dyer, Christina Car, Claire Jones, Christine Gentry, Cathy Carr, Anthony, Heather Green-Smith, Laura Mathews, Patricia Huilman, Alex Hatcher, Clare Jaggar, Charlotte Dixon, April Enos, Nicki Jones, Christy Proctor, Bob Terry, Tracey Bruyette, Aimee Young, Kendall Davis, Scott Smith, Danie, Lisa LeChatton, Yvonne, Mark, Aylsa, Elizabeth Davis, Daina, Sally Watkins, Jason Harvill, Heike, Carl Liddle, Jill Busby, Trent Miller, Karen, Kelly Brigante, Nicole Jacobson, Vance Schollmeyer, Rose Putnam, Kantami Blossom, Tracy Jenkins, Sally Van Sickle Watkins, Caroline Craven


The 2nd proof has arrived and it is absolutely perfect!  That means the polls are closed, so to so peak, and the two winners will NBC announced this weekend!  Stay tuned!!


Peanut has spoken!  The winners are Vance Schollmeyer and April Enos!  Congrats, you two!  Email me your mailing addys and I’ll get your copy of Lost City out to you!  Thank you to everyone for playing!


  • for previous entry on book 3 of celetials demise, it would attract my attention. I love fantasy books. i’d be like what happens??

  • Celestia’s demise. Nice! You’d like to see that for the cover on Amulet of Aria?

  • my favorites is in book 3: Amulet of Aria where the evil sister was destroyed her body going back to dust. that whole scene.

  • The illustrations on ebook was okay. I am thinking they will look real good in a hard copy. I just have a basic Kindle that may have been the reason it only looked okay. I did enjoy being able to see what you where thinking by having the illustrations in the ebook. I love that your books are clean. It is nice to be able to read your books as a Christian and not have to worry about content. Cant wait for the next book on dragons!

  • Hi Laura!

    The paperback giveaway for Insurrection is presently over. Up for grabs right now is two copies of Lost City. I’ll be choosing the winners just as soon as my final proof arrives, which I’m thinking should be arriving tomorrow!

    Looking at my supply of paperbacks on my Lentari bookcase, I do have a few copies of Insurrection. I can make that the prize for the next raffle!

    But for now, we’re still a go for Lost City! Know of anyone else that’d like to try to win a copy? Spread the word!

    And I’m so very glad you enjoyed Lost City! Did the illustrations work okay for you? It was my first attempt at throwing some pics in with an ebook.

  • Bakkian Chronicles #2) in paperback: you also have a contest going on for this to? character you think most resembles your personality.. is this still going on? I hope so! loved Lost City!

  • Sorry ’bout that, Caroline! You’ve been added!

  • Unfortunately you’ve missed me off your raffle list. 🙁 Please add me. x