150 Likes! Time for a Raffle!

I’ve been promising it.  I’ve told you guys what needs to happen in order for me to start the raffle and you guys came through!

Thank you!!!

Without further ado, I hereby create my biggest raffle to date:  signed copies of Prophecy (Bakkian Chronicles #1), Insurrection (Bakkian Chronicles #2), and Amulet of Aria (Bakkian Chronicles #3).  They will be awarded to one winner and one winner only!

Want to enter the raffle?  Leave a comment below asking to be entered and tell me which of the books is your favorite.  That’s all!

As many of you know, my fourth book has recently been released.  Lost City (Tales of Lentari #1) isn’t included in the raffle, I’m sorry to say.  Unless…  The magic number is 200.  200 Likes on Facebook and I’ll make this raffle include all four books!

The time frame for this raffle will be through November.  The raffle is over on December 1st.  If we hit 200 Likes by that time then we’ll consider the stretch goal has been achieved and Lost City will also go along to the winner.

So spread the word!  Enter now for your chance to win some fantasy books!  Good luck to all who enter!



  • Hi Freddy! How are things in Rome? The weather’s warm here in Arizona, USA. Anyway, you are officially entered! Good luck!

  • Thanks, Scott! I’ve been asked several times if I ever plan on going back to the first book to “clean it up” as I’ve definitely learned what to do and not to do as a writer. Honestly, that was the original plan, but then I thought about it and decided to leave Prophecy as it is. I like to think that it shows how far I’ve come as a writer. 🙂

  • Hi Tracy! You are included in the list of entrants! Thanks for entering!

  • Thanks, Nicole! Consider yourself entered! 🙂

  • Hi Charla! The dragons have always been my favorite. That’s why you’ll never find me killing off a dragon, or making a super-evil dragon. A pain-in-the-butt dragon, sure, but never a truly evil one! And if you dragons as much as I do, you’re gonna love this next book I’m working on. Dragons are featured prominently all throughout the book!

  • Hi Caroline! Thanks for that! I’ve been dinged before (from the editor that checked over Amulet of Aria for me) about trying to lighten up the serious situations that cropped up. Specifically, the “mud fight” between Lia and Steve almost didn’t make it in the book as it was deemed “out of place”. So I dropped that whole scene. Then my wife pointed out to me that my writing style is to not take things too seriously and I should really reconsider putting it back in because if you knew our friend (Lia) and myself, you could totally picture us in that situation. 🙂

  • Gosh…I love them all so much but I guess I would have to say the first one that brought me into Lenatri to begin with and started my adventure!!

  • Hi Jeff. Well I had to read all of them again to work out which one I liked the best. Whilst No 1 brought me into the wonderful world of Lentari and introduced not only brilliant characters, dragons, griffins, dwarves and wizards but such a variety of emotions too, No 2 embellished on all that but I think the Amulet of Aria was my favourite. The witty banter even in dire situations does not distract from the action at all and the way it all becomes clear and is resolved is very clever. A stroke of genius on bringing in family and friends to the world and watching how they reacted was also most amusing yet done in such a way that you can actually visualise it happening. I enjoyed Lost City and it could stand alone very well but I’ve read the first of your glimpses into No 5 and just know I am going to LOVE that too. Thank you for all your hard work to bring us pleasure, it certainly keeps the depression at bay. xx

  • I liked Prophecy. I would be very happy to add a collection of these books to my library.

  • My favorite is Lost City, and I love the dragons. They crack me up.

  • Hey I would love to enter the raffle! I LOVED the first book actually, loved finding out about this world along with the two characters, what an adventure 😀

  • Hi,

    Please include me in the raffle. My favorite book is the 3rd book.

  • While i could say the 1st book is the best simply as it hooked me to continue with the series and your work overall, i’d say my fave will be the one i’m reading at the time (Lost City currently). Point is the stories get better, the mix of old & new characters continues to bring enjoyment, and it’s a world i look forward to returning to in each new novel.
    Thanks for the nice work!


  • all of them are wonderful and I am looking forward to reading the next saga books.

    Thank you to let us enter that wonderful world full of very nice people

    Ciao from Rome

  • Hi, everyone! Thanks for entering. You’re all officially entered in the drawing! Some lucky person is going to win signed copies of all three books in the Bakkian Chronicles trilogy!

    And thanks, Trent! I really appreciate that!

    Let’s keep those Facebook Likes coming! If we can hit 200 by the end of the raffle I’ll include a paperback copy of Lost City (Tales of Lentari #1)!!

  • Just finished reading second book and loved it immensely. Please keep writing you have a great talent for the fantasy adventure. I love the way you inserted each class of character. Very artfully done with the way you have gone between the two worlds.

  • I love all your books but my favorite has to be Insurrection. Your world draws me in and once I start one of your books I cant put it down. The characters that make me smile the most are Maelnar and Shardwyn. I like how they hate and love one another at the same time. Thank you for all the time you put into your books.. cant wait for the next one!

  • I have only gotten to read the first two books so far. I am looking forward to reading the rest and my favorite so far is Insurrection. Thank you Mr. Poole.

    You’re still my favorite writer,

  • that is so not fair to make us choose the best. when lia finds out what is going on and you bring in peanut. I think this is book 2. can’t keep em straight they were all good.

  • I loved all the books, but the first was my favorite. I loved watching the characters develop their talents.

  • my favorite has to be amulet of aria.
    they are all good books but the scenes of steve riding pryllan fighting the RIC’s during the dragon battle made it no.1 in my books.

  • My favourite has to be the first. It’s great because little did we know what we were in for. I loved reading how it all began and how they fell into the roles and developed so well. I loved how they discovered their johrun. I always think how I’d have loved to have made the same discovery and have the chance to experience a different world. Fantastic, thank you 🙂

  • The favourite book is the first one, ad I felt I had been thrown into such a different and amazing world without loosing contact with the reality!! Wonderful, simply Amazing! The other two books were of the same standard though.
    Ps: I understood you do not send the books oversea, but I wanted to tell you anyway. Thanks again and ciao form Rome!!

  • i think my favorite would have to be…the first one. It made me think about what i would do if i was thrown into a whole nother world without even knowing where i was or where to go. It would be like waking up in Hogwarts! i would be freaking out but excited at the same time. And that is how the first one made me feel. With the rest i just wanted more (then again after i finished the first i had to read the rest). Oh and i would like to be entered. Someday i would like to own a hard copy of all the books i have read and enjoyed on my kindle (which isn’t a whole lot actually :P).

  • I think amulet of aria is my favorite , and I do mean think cuz I love them all and I change my mind regulary on which I like best lol

  • Its very hard to choose – But I do love the First one the most! The characters were so well developed through this story – the way Steve and Sarah find what is unique to them. Even right down to the Description of the Door. My favourite Characters are definitely the Dwarfs and Dragons – they are perfect! the Whole series is amazing! I even got my Husband onto reading them!!!