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Lost City Raffle

Wow!  Two raffles going on at the same time!  Gotta love it!

Naturally, the first raffle, print copies of all three books being awarded to the same person, is going on.   But, I also created a page for Lost City on Facebook and promised that once I hit 50 Likes I’ll hold a raffle for a print copy of that book.  Less than a day later we hit 50.  So for that, thank you very much!

Also, I would like to point out that there’s a brand new excerpt from Something Wyverian This Way Comes (Tales of Lentari #2) on the Excerpts page.  Go check it out and let me know what you think!

Have a great day and happy reading!



Winner has been selected!  Congrats goes to Christina Carr!  Email me at jmpoole (at) gmail dot com with your mailing addy and I’ll get your book sent off to you.  Thanks to everyone for playing!  And remember – for every 50 Likes on Facebook I’ll create another raffle so help spread the word!


  • Thanks, Jarod! I intend on doing just that! *sigh* If only I could write full time. Hopefully soon! Until then, I have to put on ye olde computer tech hat from time to time and fix computers. Ah, well. It’s a living. 🙂

  • Thanks, Elizabeth!

  • Thanks, Linda! I appreciate that!

  • Hi Lorinda! Yep, I used your name, at your suggestion, in Amulet of Aria. My wife and I both thought it was a pretty name and should be used somehow. I’m glad I was able to name a sorceress after you!

  • Jeff,
    Have been loving all of your books.can’t wait to get a free moment to return to Lentari or Idaho to see what’s going to happen next. I was surprised to see my name (such an uncommon name) mentioned as one of the sorcersess in the third book. Great books!!!

  • Would love a signed copy. You are a fantastic author.

  • Just in case you missed my name. Love the books.

  • Throwing my name in *crossing fingers* Love them all!

  • Hey Jeffrey just dropping by to show some fan appreciation and to be entered to be entered to win a physical copy of your book. Keep up the fantastic work.

  • Oh Jeff, sigh! I’d been woken up by builders doing LOUD work outside my bedroom window so grumpily got up, made a coffee and turned on the computer.
    I always check to see if you’ve posted during the night and was rewarded with the first excerpt of SWtwC.
    I am now smiling having read this and am sooo looking forward to finding out what is going on in Lentari. I just know I’m going to LOVE this book. x