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Coolest-trivia-about-your-hometown Contest!

For this next blog contest I thought I’d get to know some more of the fans and see where they live!  So here’s the thing:  based on where you live, what’s the coolest tourist attraction, or most unique thing your hometown is known for?

I’ll give you an example.  I’m in Lake Havasu City, AZ.  My town is known for being the home of the London Bridge.  Coming in at a strong second would be the spring break hotspot that draws in thousands of college kids every year.

Tell me about your town!  What are you known for?  At the end of the month I’ll have my wife pick her favorite and that person becomes the winner!

What’s at stake:  a Bakkian Chronicles cap, as modeled by Peanut on my Facebook page.    Want to enter?  Tell me about your town!



  • From Dallas tx originally but living in Washington County Kansas.

    We don’t have much here (town holds 500 people) but the Flint Hills are beautiful and the history along with them is intriguing. If you’re into that sorry of thing. 🙂

    Got your first book a few days ago, just now finished your second. I quite enjoy them. Thank you.

  • Hi! My name is Lisa and I live in Houston, Texas. I am a 3rd generation Houstonian and am very proud of that fact! Houston is known for many things, like cowboys and the World’s largest Rodeo. The Rodeo lasts the month of February and headlines huge venues such as ZZTop, Kiss, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Garth Brooks, etc..
    The Rodeo isn’t what I want to talk about though. Two landmarks stand out to me that I would like to touch on. The first is the Astrodome. In its day it was known as the 8th wonder of the world. In its heyday it was home to the Baseball team, The Houston Astros. The stadium held mega concerts like The Rolling Stones also. It was the first huge stadium, way before Megadomes were the norm. Unfortunately it is sleighted to be demolished because it will cost way more to repair than to tear down!
    The second is an amusement park known originally as Astroworld, later becoming a Six Flags Amusement Park. Astroworld was located across from the Astrodome and the parking lot was connect by a bridge over the Freeway separating them. Astroworld at one time had the largest wood Roller Coaster called the Cyclone. Growing up I has season tickets and my friends and I would go every Sat and Sun and spend entire days there. Back then kids were safe to be away from parent without the worries of todays unstable world. It was a wonderful way to spend my childhood!
    So that’s my hometown! Hope you enjoyed hearing a bit about it.
    I absolutely love your books. Reading them was a totally immersive experience, and I loved having the world of Lentari in my head! I can’t wait til I can read more! Good Luck and I hope to read you again soon!

  • Hello everyone, Christina from Dallas, TX. here and while Dallas has become well know for a few different things im going to tell y’all about our flying red horse…The “Flying Red Horse,” as it was
    referred to by Dallas residents,
    became a landmark immediately.
    Standing majestically 450 feet
    above street the Dallas icon was
    visible 75 miles away on a clear
    night. Pilots reported catching
    sight of it 60 miles south in
    Hillsboro, and some claimed to
    see it from as far away as Waco.
    Most North Texans of a certain age can remember driving into Dallas at night while the children
    watched to see who would be the first to spot the “Flying Red Horse.” I still look for even today as I come home from out of town…It’s how I know i’m home!

  • Hey Jeff,

    I grew up in Bellefontaine Ohio home of the first concrete street in America, there is a sign and everything lol. On the road I grew up on, Columbus Ave, there was a well known Canteen during WWII. It was organized by the local women who provided free food to over 700,000 soldiers during the 4 years it was in operation. There is a very cool article about it here:

  • i sorta have two towns even though i currently live in the town of irvine in ayrshire i still consider myself as glaswegian because i was raised in glasgow.

    the only trivia i can think of for glasgow is no.1 they have a cool statue of the sheriff lobey dosser riding his three legged horse (comic strip i loved as a kid).
    and no.2 there was recently a petition to stop the local council from raising the plinth on a statue of the duke of wellington, the council wanted to do it to stop people climbing the statue and putting a traffic cone on it’s head with has been a tradition in glasgow for decades.

    for irvine the only interesting thing i know is that both sir william wallce and robert the bruce fought battles against the english army at the head of the river irvine.

  • Hi, I’m originally from a little town called Corwen in Denbighshire, North Wales. Corwen is well known for having connections with the last native welsh Prince of Wales, Owain Glyndwr. He was Lord of a little village just outside Corwen called Glyndyfrdwy, between 1349c and 1416c. He started a long, but eventually unsuccessful, revolt against the English rule of Wales during the reign of King Henry IV.
    It is said that Owain Glyndwr went up the mountain in Corwen to Pen y Pigyn and threw his sword down to the town which landed in the Church grounds indenting its shape in a large rock. The rock has been used in the Church’s rear doorway, and can still be seen today. Pen y Pigyn also displays a plaque about the story. Owain Glyndwr is so important to Wales that you’ll actually find something about him in many towns and villages. The town I now live in, Wrexham, is home to Glyndwr University. Corwen is home to the Owain Glyndwr Hotel, known locally as the O.G. William Shakespeare portrayed Owain Glyndwr in his play Henry IV, Part I as Owen Glendower. There are also a number of novels written about Owain Glyndwr, one I recently read called ‘Uneasy lies the Crown’ by N. Gemini Sasson. Much more can be found out about Owain Glyndwr on Wiki and a general google search. Wales is very proud of its Prince of Wales! 🙂

  • Hi, I’m originally from a little town called Corwen in Denbighshire, North Wales. Corwen is well known for the last native welsh Prince of Wales, Owain Glyndwr. He was Lord of a little village just outside Corwen town, Glyndyfrdwy between 1349c and 1415c. He started a long but eventually unsuccessful revolt against the English rule of Wales during Henry IV King of England.

  • I am originally from a town called Dover in Kent, England which is famous for bluebirds over the White Cliffs, although interesting fact is there are no bluebirds there. Also there are lots of hill fortifications from the Napoleonic Wars most notable of which is dug into the cliffs and hidden from the English Channel called the Drop Redoubt. I have been most frequently asked where I come from an when I say Dover they say ‘oh yeah been through there on the way to France’ as it is a south coast ferry port.

    I currently live in Beckenham, Kent where David Bowie grew up and of course is fabulous because I live here now 🙂

  • I’m from a little town in Texas called Springtown. I’m not sure what its exactly famous for, but one of the things that i always found interesting was while Bonnie and Clyde were “taking a break” from bank robbing they came through here. They didn’t rob anything that i can recall but regardless its still pretty cool that they were here.

    Also one other thing is, it was originally named Littleton Springs because when he first arrived he found about 25 cold springs flowing out of a hillside. Also the county that i live in was named after Isaac Parker, who was a relative of Cynthia Ann Parker. She was captured by indians and later became the mother of the famous Comanche Chief Quannah Parker.

    Hunter Tylo ( Deborah Morehart/Hunter) She played on The Bold and the Beautiful, and Melrose Place, she went to school here.

    We are also a little famous for some of the “haunted” places we have, like Carter Road and the Church. And Hangman’s Hollow. I would explain but they are both really long.

    Other than that, thats all i have. Still have to say Bonnie and Clyde thing is pretty awesome >.< Btw love love love your books i can't wait to read the next book you put out. Thanks for being an awesome writer and having such an incredible imagination. keep the world turning with your stories 🙂

  • I’m originally from New Orleans, LA. Site of the oldest operating Catholic church in the U.S., St Louis Cathedral was established in 1720, and continues to serve today.
    Jean Lafitte, notorious pirate, was pardoned for his piracy & smuggling crimes; by Andrew Jackson after helping save Louisiana against British invasion.
    It has a rich multi-cultural history of Hatians, French, Spanish, the Carribean & West Indies. This has contributed to a wonderful homogenous blend of peoples, and traditions not seen in any other region.
    I’ve been away for 12 years, but it will always be home.

  • I am from Agawam Massachusetts. We have the distinct honor of having the first city based zip code in the U.S. (01001). It’s rumored that the post master general’s mother-in-law lived here. And she demanded to be first! We are also home to Six Flags New England… though that’s not as cool. 🙂

  • Home town: Romeo,Michigan, USA
    Home of Kid Rock

    Known for the local orchards and historical homes,
    Plus the annual Peach Festival with the Labor Day Parade

  • I know you said hometown but I look at where I live now as my home town as opposed to my birth town. and the town I speak of is Guthrie Oklahoma. Guthrie was founded in 1887 at a train stop it is the county seat of logan county Oklahoma doesn’t sound very interesting does it…………….but wait there’s more. in 1887 it was called deer creek station but the name was changed to Guthrie later it was named for john Guthrie a jurist in Kansas. it was also the first state capitol of Oklahoma, right up until the state seal was stolen and taken to oklahoma city and held there by force yes that’s right they STOLE the capitol. also back in the day we had underground parking ………for horse and carrages. we are also supposed to have a mysterious tunnel system all over…………err under the down town area. and we have kept the town in its Victorian beauty. and celebrate it throughout the year, we do a Victorian Christmas with Victorian décor and dress downtown. we also have a Museum in the first bordello in the state, and the frontier drugstore Museum, Oklahoma Territorial Museum, State Capital Publishing Co Museum, National Four-String Banjo Hall of Fame Museum, a model railroad museum in the old train station the national lighter museum. also the largest masonic temple in the world (it was the state capitol building before the seal was stolen). Guthrie is the largest urban Historic district in the United States with over 2k preserved Victorian buildings. even the blue belle saloon and brother with the bullet holes preserved and marked for all to see. we do the old fashioned parades and everyone goes to the foot ball games. but we also have a large arts district and great food. we do block art parties monthly and a farmers market downtown every weekend in season. we have 4 b & b s that offer mystry dinners and a theater that does off broadway plays and we host a HUGE bluegrass festival every year. all of this in a little town of just at 10,000 people. people say we are a paradox we are a small town with big town flare and history and hauntings thrown in (since we have a b&b that was a funeral home and a haunter old hospital/asylum, and many other haunter places) it is strange when friends come who have never been here cuz when I moved to the “country” 20 years ago people were like well what are you going to do, and when I show them everything to do they are like wow and out in the middle of nowhere too. what I say is it may be the middle of nowhere but it is somewhere interesting lol

  • My hometown is Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Although many famous people and things have come from Sheffield, stainless Steel has to be at the top of the list.
    The factories of our town have turned out cutlery for all over the world. I’d like to think that a beautiful magical sword was once cast here (made from our finest Stainless) and hidden for someone to find and use on a magical quest!

  • My hometown is Maryport, Cumbria, in England. It is known for being the birthplace of Thomas Henry Ismay, father of Bruce Ismay, and founder of the White Star Line, most famously known for the building of the Titanic. Its is also known for being over 2000 years old and having its very own Roman fort.

  • Hi All!
    My name is Elizabeth , Like the Queen, and i live in a town called Snodland in Kent, UK. Its lovely here, everyone knows everyone.
    I don’t think its’ famous for anything exept i live here! I recently had a home makeover with Kirsty Allsop as my family and i are Foster carers and we really needed it!
    We have maybe 2 churches, 3 schools and a very small library, good thing this town also has the biggest Lentari fan in England! ME!

    I originally come from Stepney in East London and have a really cockney accent and everywhere i go people ask me where i’m from . I think i am one of the last true cockneys as i was born under the sound of the Bow Bells .
    Anyway, LOVE your books and even if i don’t win the cap i want to congratulate you on your fantastic work and also the fact that you are one of the only writers that actually ask fro their fams opinions.
    Good luck and keep up the good work.
    Liz x