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Trivia Time!

Now I realize that the answer to this question is easy enough to determine since everyone can just do a search on their e-readers, but I want to challenge the readers to see how many knows this without having to do so.  If you don’t know, that’s ok.  But do me a favor and let me know if you looked it up, ok?  And try not to look at what other people have written!  Let’s test those memory banks, people!!

Anyone who gets the answer is entered into the drawing!  The prize will be a print copy of Something Wyverian This Way Comes (Tales of Lentari #2) when it becomes available.  Unlike the Goodreads Giveaway, this contest is open to any fan regardless where you live.   This contest will end on the last day of February!

Okay, here goes…

Question:  What is Kornal’s jhorun?

If you know the answer then leave a comment here and let me know!  Only people who comment here, with the correct answer, will be entered into the drawing!  Good luck to all who play!


  • if i remember correctly its the ability to know were fish will be in the river.

  • He was able to pinpoint where you could catch a type of fish Rypos (sp?) I believe.

  • Locate those fish! 🙂 right?

    Now I’m going to check. :p

  • Kornal can identify where rypo will be. these are 8 legged fish that according to steve, taste a bit like pork 🙂

  • Kornal is the character that helps out Steve and Sarah when they first arrive in Lentari. Kornal is able to find Rypos (I think that’s the right word, it’s the fish with legs that are hard to catch) and his wife is able to use Pontal to act as an “alarm” for their home 🙂 I did not look that up.

  • Wasn’t it finding ryks or rypos or something? The big fish with legs. Have to look it up to find the name for sure, lol.

  • Wasn’t Kornal the first person they met in Lentari? Humm if so I believe he always knew where the Rypo fish could be caught. His wife did something with flowers lol. I think I’m gonna look that up once I’ve posted this lol. x

  • If i remember right he was the first person they met in Lentari so his power was that he knows where the ropongi(walking fish) will be the next morning. not sure if i spelled the fishs name right.

  • where rypos will be in the river!! (Type of fish)

  • I would say a dragon. I did not look it up so it is probably wrong just wanted to enter. Thanks for the chance