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Movie Trivia Time!

Ok all you fans of Lentari!  I’m looking to create a new contest for some signed copies of my books and thought this would be the perfect way to do it.  Now, seeing how I fancy myself a connoisseur of virtually all types of movies, you can see where I came up with the idea of a movie trivia contest!

Now, to be fair, I will admit that I haven’t watched many horror movies as I haven’t found that many that I really like.  I think Aliens is my favorite, and not just because I became friends with one of the actors.  So I think I need to see if you guys have just as much useless movie trivia in your head as I do mine.   Therefore this one will be a trial run!

The rules:

  1. No using Google if you don’t know the answer.
  2. Try to avoid looking at what everyone else has answered.
  3. If you know the answer and it’s clear that others don’t, no gloating!
  4. Be respectful.
  5. No spamming allowed.  Spammers will be deleted and their IPs will be added to my Troll list (it effectively blocks you from accessing all aspects of the blog)

So what movies am I going to draw from?  Well, here in my office/man cave, I have several bookshelves FULL of movies and anything is fair game.  Chances are it’ll be fantasy/sci-fi related but anything sitting on one of those shelves could be used!   Mwahahaha!   Let’s see how you do with these.  We’ll start with an easy one then each question gets a little harder!

Question #1:   What’s the name of the creatures in Tremors?

Question #2:  What type of ship did Boss Nass give the jedi when they left the Gungan city in SW:  Phantom Menace?

Question #3:  Which Star Trek movie did Christian Slater have a cameo in?

Good luck!  Again, this is a trial run so I can get a feel for how good you guys are!


  • ok #1 is graboid
    #2 is i have no clue what KIND of ship i just remember it was broken lol
    #3 is star trek 6 the undiscovered country
    ok jeef i said bring it …………………………….still waiting LOLOL 😉

  • You’re more than welcome. Good luck! Stay tuned. New movie trivia questions will be posted tomorrow!

    Good night!


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  • are you still there?

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  • For those of you that mentioned it, thx for the birthday wishes!

  • Whitman – email me. Describe as much of the problem as possible. Tell me about the computer, the specs, o/s, etc. Problem with MS Office? Any other versions of Office on it? Use: jmpoole (at) gmail dot com.

  • i dont have a facebook. is there any other possible way? my mom is on your facebook,so you might be able to reach me through her. (not tonight. she thinks i’m asleep.)

  • The correct answers are:

    1: Graboids. Tremors is my all-time favorite movie!!
    2. Bongo. WTF was George Lucas thinking when he created the Gungans?
    3. Star Trek VI – far and away the best classic Star Trek movie, IMO.

    Several of you got ’em all right! Congrats! Stay tuned. Round two of the trials is coming sometime tomorrow! Should I make the questions harder and from more obscure movies? Brett, remember who you’re challenging, my friend! I worked part time at a video store for several years! 🙂

  • Whitman – come find me on Facebook and I’ll give you a hand. That way the thread doesn’t turn into tech support. 🙂

  • 1.Graboids
    2 IDK lol
    3 IDK
    well I know one answer!!

  • By the way, i need you to help me with a computer problem. whenever i open microsoft word 2007, it asks me to enter my product key. i entered it, but it wouldn’t take it. i already checked for typing errors and didn’t find any.

  • 1-graboids 2-bongo. I watched that movie yesterday. 3-Star Trek VI. Mom is a big star trek fan.

  • I love Sci Fi too… but while seeing the movies honestly couldn’t tell ya

  • And I didn’t look test me Poole c’mon

  • Graboids

  • Sorry, should’ve specified the 1st Tremors!

    Toni, nicely done!

  • I hate auto correct!!! #1 should read Graboids.

  • 1. Grab odds
    2. I think it was something like Bonga or Bongo…
    3. VI

  • Or graboid. :/

  • 1 – which tremors? There was more than one. Ass blasters was one of them. Hubby thinks the other started with a g or c. Grabites?
    2 – been awhile since we watched star wars, but hubby said “bunga bunga maybe? I don’t know.”
    3 – totally not star trek fans 😛
    Hubby is a bigger movie buff than I 🙂