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More Movie Trivia!

Ok, you guys did well with the first round.   Let’s see how you do with this set of questions!

  1. In The Hunt for Red October, before first contact is made with the Russian sub, the Americans determine they need to tell the Red October to go “somewhere deep”.  What was the name of the underwater locale Ryan sends to Capt Ramius?
  2. In Jurassic Park which two dinosaurs were deliberately portrayed incorrectly with regards to their size?  Hint:  one wasn’t nearly as big and the other wasn’t nearly as small.
  3. In The Abyss what three letter acronym was given to the underwater aliens?  There’s only one correct answer but there is a 2nd answer that I will accept.  I will need the acronym and what it stands for!  

Remember, the same rules from yesterday apply!  No Googling the answers!  If you don’t know it, just say so!  And try to avoid looking at other people’s answers!!


  • Nicely done to all who played! The answers:

    1. The Lauerntian Abyss. That’s where the Americans decide to stage an “accident” on board the Russian sub so that when it looks like it sinks, recovery would be impossible.
    2. Dilophosaurus was in actuality the size of the movie Velociraptor when in reality the nasty raptors are much smaller. The wouldn’t be that threatening, would they?
    3. The term everyone on Deep Core use to describe the underwater aliens are NTIs, namely non-terrestrial intelligence. At one point the jokingly referred to them as UFOs: underwater flying objects!

    Maybe I should use a few obscure movies? Time to put on my thinking cap!

  • Gold Star 🙂

  • Ok, got it. LV-426.

  • Ok. I know two of the three. Newt’s doll is Casey. The name of the ship is the Sulaco. Damn. I’m trying to remember the planet name… It’ll come to me.

  • 1-i have no idea. 2-dilophosaurus was too small and i think the velocirapter (did i spell that right?) was too big. 3- NTI. i don’t know what it stands for.

  • Ok questions for you Jeef 🙂
    1. What is the name of newts doll in Aliens?
    2. What is the name of the ship that the soldiers came on in Aliens?
    3. What is the name of the planet where the aliens are?
    Just watching it so thought what the hell. No googling 🙂

  • Stumped on Hunt for Red October. But the 3 letters given to the aliens 8 The Abyss (one if my favorite movies) is NTI which stands for non terrestrial intelligence. Jurassic Park…I don’t remember which one was bigger but the one depicted smaller was a dilophasaurus (does spelling count?)

  • Laurentian Abyss
    Velociraptor much too big
    Dilophosaurus much too small
    NTI Non Terrestrial Intelligence