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Saturday Trivia!

Avast all ye lovers of useless bits of movie trivia!  Wilst thou be stumped upon reading mine questions?  Continue on if ye dare!

Today’s questions, from easy to hard so everyone can play!

  1. How nuch money does Fezzik have to pay Miracle Max for a miracle in Princess Bride?
  2. Why did Steven Spielberg allow Harrison Ford to simply shoot the sword-wielding bad guy in Raiders of the Lost Ark instead of having a longer drawn out  fight?
  3. At what speed was the NTI traveling when it passed by the American sub at the beginning of the Abyss?

Good luck!  I hope everyone is having a great weekend!  In case you’re wondering, I’m close to finalizing the rules for the movie trivia contest.    Stay tuned!!


  • Did I reverse that? I originally had that medallion the other way around. I knew I never should have messed with it. Thx, Whitman! I’ll get that corrected!

  • i found an error in the SWtwC. when they were fighting the third two-headed dragon, sarah gave steve her medallion. afterward,the book said the medallion would protect him from physical attacks and not jhorun. it is supposed to be the other way around.

  • Answers to the trivia:

    1. 65. Funny, they never specify their currency. Gold coins, maybe?
    2. Dysentery. He was incredibly sick that day and pleaded with Spielberg to just let him shoot him. He agreed!
    3. 130 knots. It’s the ‘wake’ of the passing NTI that causes the USS Montana to crash.

    Good job to those that got it right!! Everyone ready to get officially started? Stay tuned!

  • Hi Whitman – the answer to your question is a resounding yes! The next book does have a title. Do you know how I’ve referred to Something Wyverian This Way Comes as “SWtwC”? Well, the next book is “aPfyT”.

    I’m not gonna give away anything else! Yet. 🙂

  • do you have any idea what the third book is going to be called?

  • 65
    80 knots (I think)

  • Nicely done, Whitman & Caroline! As for #3, in the Abyss, the NTI was clocked at three speeds. I’m looking for the last speed, which was when they passed the sub.

    No Googling! 🙂

  • I think no 2 is cause Harrison was ill and just did it to end the shoot and Spielberg liked it so kept it in. I should know the other two but don’t remember. Ah well best guess lol.

  • I don’ remember its exact speed, only that it was unmatched and unheard of.

  • 1-65. 2-harrison ford was suffering from dysentery and could only shoot for ten minutes at a time. 3-I’m still thinking about it.