James Cameron Movie Trivia – part II

Hi all!

This post comes to you from northern CA where my wife & I are spending a few days with her family.  Everyone got their thinking caps on?  Here’s the next round of trivia questions!

  1. In The Abyss, what is the name of the liquid Bud breathes in at the end of the movie so that he can descend to great depths to disarm the nuke?  Extra credit:  what’s the name of the rat who demos it first?
  2. According to Avatar, what is the name of the mineral the humans are after and how much is it worth?
  3. According to the T800 series terminator, what is the type of metal comprising the T1000?   Anyone who has seen the movie knows what I’m looking for!

Good luck!  I hope everyone is having a great week!



  • Howdy, y’all! Ok, here’s the answers:

    1. Oxygenated fluorocarbon emulsion. The rat they used in the movie actually breathed the liquid for real and survived. Consequently, it died of natural causes several weeks before the movie premiered of completely unrelated reasons. The movie studio kept that little tidbit under wraps. 🙂

    2. Unobtainium. Present going price, per Avatar, was 20 million an ounce.

    3. The T-1000, according to T-800, was made of mimetic poly-alloy.

    Nicely done, everyone!!

  • 1. i don’t know. 2.unobtanium.it was worth a couple million per kilo. 3.some type of poly-alloy.

  • 1.liquid perfluorocarbon is the actual liquid they used on the rat but no clue what they called it for the LBA


    3. mimetic poly-alloy

  • 1) i can’t remember the actual name i just remembers it to be some type of heavily oxegenated fluorocarbon (i think i spelled that correctly).

    2) unobtanium is worth i think it’s about $20 million a kilo

    3) if i remember correctly the t-1000 is made of a mimetic poli-alloy (luckily for me i was watching this film a couple of days ago).