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Star Wars Trivia!

Ok, is there anyone out there who hasn’t seen the movies?  I think it’s safe to say that there are more than likely quite a few fans out there.  I count myself as one of ’em!   As with the other questions I’ve asked in the past, the first question is easy and then gets more difficult as we go!  Now, let’s see what kind of trivia questions we can come up with…

  1. In the original theatrical release, who shot first?  Han Solo or Greedo?
  2. What species is Yoda?
  3. What’s the name of the creatures that attach themselves to the Millenium Falcon when they were inside that beast on the asteroid in Empire Strikes Back?

Good luck!  Remember, no Googling if you don’t know!

Extra credit…  Stump the author.  Ask a question I don’t know (based on the movies and not the books) and see if you can stump me!  Let all us nerds and geeks show our true colors!!!


  • The answers! Most everyone got them right! I love the fact that other people have useless bits of trivia in their head like I do!

    1. Han shot first. I wish Lucas would have left that bit alone.
    2. It’s never been revealed in any of the movies, nor the books I’ve read, as to what species Yoda is. Now, there might be some other fan fiction stories set in the Star Wars universe that identify exactly what the heck he is, but I haven’t seen it. This question was a trick question. No one knows!
    3. Mynoks. Nasty internal parasitic buggars that like to scare the crap out of young kids, forcing them to spill their popcorn everywhere in the theater. Not that it happened to me. 🙂

  • 1-han shot first.i don’t know the others.

  • 1- han shot first
    2- yodas species was never mentioned just that his peeps often were jedis
    3- mynocks (sp?) cable eating critters

    andrew dyer vaders voice was always dubbed over in the first trilogy it is just james earl jones thought his part was so small that he did not want credit this changed in the empire strikes back as he was convenced to take the credit . james earl was ALWAYS vaders voice. and the sexy princess outfit was at carries request as she felt she was sexless looking in the first 2 movies

  • both right,

    david prowse had a thick accent that just couldnt work in the same way as james earl jones, and would most likely be to difficult for international audiences to understand.

    and after carrie fisher complained her outfits werent very feminine her character was given the slave costume.
    the costume beome a joke amongst the crew because the materials it was made from didnt hold to carries body.
    carrie also didnt like the bodytape the make up department used so they had to constantly check to make sure she was kept covered, and shot’s had to be redone because she kept having wardrobe malfuntions during the filming.

  • Let’s see. Good questions. I think they didn’t use David Prowse’s voice as Darth Vader was because he was British. As for the slave costume, I’ve heard many rumors about it. One of them was Carrie herself requested it seeing she really didn’t have any interesting costumes to wear. I’m not sure I believe that one. I kinda think it might be due to the writers wanting a “helpless female slave” to rise up against the disgusting slug that Jabba was and take his ugly a** out!

  • 1) han shot first
    2) yoda’s species is not something in remember being mentioned in the films but i do remember being told he was some type of frog/toad species from dagobah.
    3) mynock – i think that’s how it’s spelt.

    two questions for anyone who can answer.
    1) why was david prowse’s voice dubbed over even after darth vaders mask was taken off in the movies.
    2) why was carrie fisher given the now infamous slave costume to wear in return of the jedi.