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TGIF! It’s Trivia Time!

Ok, this next batch of questions could come from any of the 700+ movies on the bookshelves behind me.  So put on ye olde thinking caps!  Let’s see how good you people really are!

Question 1:
What was the name of Lt. John Dunbar’s love interest in the movie Dances With Wolves?

Question 2:
What is the name of the boat Lt. Cmdr Tom Dodge is given in Up Periscoope?

Question 3:
In the Hunt for Red October, what was the name of the nearly silent propulsion unit that allowed the Russian sub to run virtually undectable?

Get this one right and you’ll seriously impress me.  Here’s the uber-hard question:
How did Quigley respond for an advertisement for sharpshooters in Australia and why was Elliot Marston interested?   Extra credit:  how much was Quigley paid for just showing up?

Good luck to all!  Have a great weekend!



  • I don’t know these.

  • standswithfist


    magnetohydrodynamic drive

    “M. Quigley 900 yards” is what he wrote on the ad he shot a few times, !- he loved the gunfighter stories from the american west and 2- he wanted rid of the aborigines(sp?) i cannot remember the exact amount just that it was to be in gold

  • 1) stands with a fist
    2) the stingray
    3) ive no idea – i saw it once as a kid but don’t remember much aboout it.

    and if i remember right quigley sends them a copy of the flyer/advertisment that he has shot but i can’t remember much else about the small details of the film.