Want to read Tales of Lentari #2.5?

Hello my fellow citizens of Lentari!  As promised, I have posted my third short story, The Hunt for Red Oskorlisk, free of charge to whoever would like to read it.  Oh, what’s this?  The post is password protected?  Well, whatever might the password be?

What could it be?  Well, since everyone did such a fantastic job translating the runes to learn what the title of the next full length novel in the Tales of Lentari series will be, I hereby propose another challenge:

The password

The password

You might recognize a few letters from the book title.  What does this word mean?   The only thing I’ll say is that this unique word shows up in one of the books.  Good luck!


  • Hi, Anita!

    That particular link was taken down a while ago. To tell the truth, I’ve made the short story free for anyone who signs up for the newsletter. Once you sign up you’ll be emailed a “Welcome” message which will contain the link.

    Hope you enjoy it!


  • I would really like to read this, but where do I find the story?!
    I know it should be in your blog and that I have to use the password, but that doesn’t help much when you can’t find the specific post…

    Can someone help me with a link?

  • K. Thanks.

  • It’s all lower case, Elizabeth!

  • I can’t get that password to work. Is it all upper or all lower case. No i had to use the last hint.


  • My wife tells me that I have a very active imagination. I ALWAYS have at least three stories bouncing around in my head at all times. That’s where my notebook comes in. I’ll pick one and develope it into a full story, but the others are always waiting their turn.

    To answer your question, I have no plans to stop writing. 🙂

  • How many more books do you plan on writing?

  • I figured out the password.The story was great.

  • Tales of Lentari.

  • Does the word appear in the Bakkian Chronicles or Tales of Lentari?