Paperback giveaway!

I hope everyone had a great summer! As for me, it was a blast, only the weather here in Arizona is still incredibly warm. Summer just doesn’t wanna let go of us.

I went to put one of my paperbacks up for a giveaway on Goodreads, which I’ve done countless times, only they are now asking an outrageous amount to do it. Me, being the cheapskate that I am, refused, so no more Goodreads giveaways for me. Therefore, I’ll host my own giveaway, here on my blog. So, if you’re interested in getting a free paperback copy of any of the books that I have currently released, make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter AND leave a comment below (specify which title you’d like). I’ll choose a name at random and, regardless where you’re at, I’ll send the book to you.

Good luck to all who enter!



  • Lost City for me please. That”s where it a started for me. Fell in love with Steve straight away lol. Love your work. Some days you just need to escape to another world and that’s just what you have provided my other world.

  • The Hammer is Strong with this one. Love all of your books so any one of them wether it is Fantasy or Mystery would be welcomed.

  • If i had to choose between the magical writing by you, I would choose to have a paperback version of portal for your thoughts. Thank you.

  • The prophecy- I started reading it and was hooked!! I have everything you've ever written…even the Disney story!

  • I love the tales of lentari series. I have them on my kindle so would love a paper copy as there is nothing quite like a book in your hands

  • If I win I’d enjoy a copy of your first The Bakkian Chronicles: The Prophecy. I read these when I needed to flee reality. Fun and imaginative.

  • Choosing one book is a tall order. I enjoy all your stories, but I love, love, love all the Lentari tales from the Bakkian Chronicles to the current Pirate of Perz. I’m ordering The Lost City from Audible because I think it would be so much fun to listen to it, especially with all the Dwarf and Drxagon voices. However, I think I would choose Close Encounters of The a Magical Kind. However, I would be thrilled to have any of the books. Thank you for your generosity … even if I don’t win , it is appreciated.

  • I enjoy reading the Corgi Case Files very much. I would love to win one of the signed by you. Please keep the series going.

  • I would love the first Corgi Case Files book. I have all you books on my kindle but there's just something about a real paper book. I love books, I have over 900 children's books. I loved reading to my childern, maybe in a few years I will get to share the love of reading and books with grandchildren. Keep up the great work

  • This is really hard to choose. All of them are my favorite books. 🙂 You know I would love the first book from any of your series. I think I would love to have the first Pirate Book, " Pirates of Perz" Book 1. That would be Perfect!

  • Either the first Pirates of Perz book or ToL 6. You can choose.

  • What a tough choice – and it really comes down to two… "Something Wyverian This Way Comes (Tales of Lentari Book 2)" and Close Encounters of the Magical Kind (Tales of Lentari Book 6) both involve my favourites – Steve and Sarah and of course the dragons.. but then I do love the dwarf characters…

    Oddly, I thought that there should be a "Tales of Lentari Book 7".. I want to know how the baby griffin gets on. So for that alone, I think my current favourite has to be "Something Wyverian This Way Comes (Tales of Lentari Book 2)" – love all the dragon characters, especially the Dragon Lord – they are fun and a little bit scary.

  • BC # 1 please

  • Love both the Lentari and the Corgi Case Files series! You are my very favorite indie author. Any of the Lentari series would be great but I think the very first would be my preferred choice if I won because it is the one that got me hooked !

  • Any of the Lentari books…authors choice. I love this series!

  • i'd have to choose Close Encounters of the Magical Kind, it's the only Tales Of Lentari book that i haven't bought on paperback yet.