Free Audiobook Giveaway!

Case of the Ostentatious Otters (CCF #8)

In celebration of having my latest CCF title getting its own audiobook, I’m creating a contest to give away promo codes! If you’re interested in trying to win yourself a free audiobook, and are prepared to leave a review once you do, then leave a comment and, on March 5th, 2021, I’ll announce ten lucky winners!

Leave a comment below, and don’t forget to give me a way to contact you in case you win!


  • All right, everyone! Codes have been sent to the emails I was given here. If you don't receive one, please check your spam filter. Still didn't get it? Drop me a line!



  • Love your books and would love to have an audiobook for the car.
    Can’t wait to the / hear your newest.

  • Oh, goodie, I actually won something. Looking forward to listening to the audio. If it didn't show up, not sure how the above works, you can email me the link at

  • Congrats, guys! Since I didnt' get ten takers, that means all of you will get a code! Send me an e-mail at "jmpoole(at) gmail dot com" and I'll get your code out to you. Please remember to leave a (hopefully positive) review when you're done!

  • Hhmmm….My post didn't show. Anyway, i am interested. As always, i will leave a review. Think I have 4 audiobooks now. Couldn't afford it anymore. If using the same person, he does a good job.

  • Would love to hear the audio book. So would my corgi mix, I'm sure. I've done lots of book reading during this winter in Alaska. We've briefly chatter back and forth on Facebook, btw, after you commented on my loving "The Car Who…." series and how it influenced you. Once you mentioned it, I saw it immediately, tho' mad at myself for not noticing before. I've read many of them via audio, so would love to do the same with yours.

  • Would like to win a promo code for 8th Corgi Case File audiobook. Have a good day!

  • Love reading your books! Any more in Lentari? Doesn’t have to feature Steve and Sarah…

  • Love your books!