Want a Free Audiobook?

To celebrate the release of my latest audiobook, Harness the Fire (Dragons of Andela #1), Audible has given me some promo codes to give away, but only in exchange for a (hopefully good) review. So, I’ve got a few codes here. Would anyone like a copy? It’s first come, first served! Leave a comment below, with your email addy, if you’re interested.

Thx in advance and I hope you like it! The Audible link for the book can be found here. If there’s a different audiobook you’d like, and you’re willing to leave a glowing review :), just ask! I might be able to track down a promo code for it, too!



  • Hi, Eliza!

    I wasn’t aware I used that moniker so many times. I will try to get it under control. It’s difficult, ‘cause that’s how I talk to my wife.

  • I normally love your books. Bit I'm Just reading the stuttering parrot and am asking if Zach already has forgotten the name of his wife. You keep calling her my dear, it's driving me crazy!

  • Harness the Fire would be great!

  • You bet! Which audiobook would you like?

  • Hey, I would love one of those!