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A Contest for the Fans!

Hello everyone!

I’m officially starting my first contest!  Up for grabs is an autographed print copy of my first book, The Prophecy.   There are just a few requirements.  First off, thanks to a batch of Trolls that just won’t leave me alone, you have to fill out the form below.  Trust me, I won’t ever share your info with anyone.  Second, the contest is open to anyone who has Liked the Bakkian Chronicles page on Facebook (the link can be found by clicking the little Facebook button at the top right of the page).  And finally, leave a comment on this post so that I know you were here and tell me who your favorite character was from the series.  They can be in books 1, 2, or 3!

Good luck to all who enter!  And just a quick reminder, I don’t care where you’re from.  Any fan of the series, regardless of country, can enter, new and old!  The contest will go for two weeks, concluding Tuesday, the 9th of April.  At the end of the contest I’ll write down everyone’s names on a slip of paper and present them to Keeley, my corgi (she’s the inspiration for Peanut in the books).  Whichever slip of paper she selects will be the winner!



UPDATE:  Fixed the inability to log-in.  Changed the security to let people comment w/o registering.


  • Congrats to Kelly Brigante! You’re the first winner of a fresh-off-the-press copy of The Prophecy!

    Send me an email with your address and I’ll get it in the mail for you! Use jmpoole (at) gmail dot com.

    Thanks for playing, everyone! Stay tuned for the next contest!


  • patiently waiting for #4….

  • Just double checking to make sure a comment gets through. I don’t see the one I left earlier.

  • I’m a big fan of the dwarves in general though I can’t really think of which one would be my favorite. Also tell Keeley I’ll send her some treats if she picks my entry lol.

  • I have been talking about your books for awhile now. I love the world and it’s inhabitants. I love the way you developed the characters, I feel like I would recognize them on the street. And I love that the books never feel rushed. Too often I read a great story, where the “Big Finale” is so short and rushed , I wish I had never picked it up . I think the dwarves are my favorites!

  • Favorite character…that is tough. Though, I think I’d have to go with Pryllan. Her majestic nature coupled with her sense of humor makes her an awesome character. I found her connection to Steve quite interesting and found that the closer she became to Steve, the more personal she became to the reader.

  • Hi,
    The Bakkian chronicles were fab! although i am a 45 yr old woman i could not wait for the next book ! I so love all the Characters but have a soft spot for Mikal as he steps up in all the books x

  • I loved these books, and would have to say the main characters, Sarah and Steve, were my favourite. I’ve struggled to find a book to read since!!! Nothing seems to get me glued to my kindle in the same way.

  • I have a hard time choosing between the Griffins and the Dragons. They both have a lot of personality.

    I think, if I have to choose one, it would be Pryllan. But I love the “punk kid” griffin (Sorry, can’t access on my Kindle right now to find the name). I read all 3 of the series in two nights and brain fog is setting in waiting for the 4th. (Broad hint???)

    Excellent work. Love the whole Lentari universe.

  • I loved all the characters but have a soft spot for Steve as he made me chuckle and was written as a genuinely lovely human being. His relationship with Pryllan was great and the trust was very touching. Also I would like to be able to send chasers after my other half when he complains about helping with the housework!!!!

  • I really liked all three of your books. It is hard to pick my favorite character but I love dragons so I will have to choose Pryllan.

  • HI! I’m glad I read the previous comments as I was relentlessly trying to log in 🙂
    If I was to choose a character, I would go for Pryllan as she is very loyal, and let’s face it, she a dragon and that’s just awesome. I would also have to choose Steve, I really like the special relationship he has with Pryllan.

    ps: I too, am looking forward to the lost city

  • What can I say about the Bakkian Chronicles……only Brilliant, Superb, Excellent and more of the same. Lentari is the kind of place you could visit and end up staying forever.
    I am so looking forward to reading the Lost City (read the teaser) and the many other books that hopefully you will write.
    My favorite character I think was Steve. It was his protective nature and the fact that he loved dragons even though he knew they weren’t real (well here anyway) just like me.
    Please don’t ever stop writing x

  • First off, I would like to say thank you for such an amazing series. I was hooked since I read the first chapter of The Prophecy. Second, I would have to say that Steve was my favorite character from the start. There’s the whole fire thing lol then his connection he shared with Pryllan. I enjoyed the whole series and look forward to reading the new book.

  • Hi Kendall – sorry, I should have clarified. I changed the security just a smidge, meaning no specific logins are required, but you still need to leave some ID. Plus, if you already have posted a comment here, your comment won’t need moderation. First time posters will, though. Damn Trolls. Already fed two to the dragons.

  • I’m excited to read the new adventure into Lentari. This is one of those worlds I really wish I could visit. Right up there with Middle Earth… Way ahead of Illearth!

    Thanks for writing such good, wholesome books!

    Still don’t see where I can sign up for a login…


  • I found your books through a friend of mine and im sooo glad I did! You are a very talented author and i really enjoyed following Mikel and watching him grow through every book from an inquisitive child into a fine young man. Seek ye not the protector’s wrath… (Jeffery Poole)

  • thank you for the new competition.
    if i had had to pick a favorite character it would be Pryllan, she put herself in danger to help the humans.
    plus dragons are always cool.

  • My favorite character from the start was Sarah. I hope that someway in future books, you find a way to bring them back. I completely enjoyed the 1st 3 books and looking forward to the Lost City. Read the teaser and now ready for the book. (lol)