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The Domain Changed. Why?

Astute observers might have noticed that now automatically directs visitors to Why make the change? It’s simple. Poor planning. ūüôā

Lemme explain.

Back when I started writing I never imagined that I’d write/release/publish a mystery novel. I just figured I’d always stick to fantasy. Had I checked around then I would have seen that all the other authors were using their names as their main websites. After I published CCF1 I realized a change was in order. Lentari really doesn’t have anything to do with the new mystery novel so I had to come up with another name. And, wouldn’t you know it, was already taken. So that’s how came to be.

Now, in case you didn’t know, this website is a WordPress site. There are a few things you should know about WordPress. It really doesn’t like you messing with its innards. I thought for certain I screwed up the site on my first attempt to switch it to the new domain. Thank the Fates that Godaddy keeps 30 day backups. ūüôā

I did my research for my 2nd attempt. Looked up notes from people who had already done it, printed out instructions, etc. It took a while but I got it moved! Now I can have a suitable presence online for readers of all the books. Works in progress, upcoming events, giveaways, etc. I’ll cover all the bases from this one website.

I’m also announcing that just as soon as my (2nd) printed proof arrives I’ll be hosting some giveaways. I’ll give away copies of CCF1 on Goodreads and on here. I’ve always been a fan of trivia. I’ll probably make you all strap on your thinking caps and answer a few questions. If you win, you’ll get a signed copy of the book!

I’m also toying with the idea of creating a section dedicated to PV and uploading some of the information I have in my binder. Maps, character profile sheets, business names, and so on. You wouldn’t believe the amount of info I have amassed as my wife and I plotted out the town. Thought it might be fun to share!

That’s it for now. Lentari is calling! ToL6 isn’t gonna write itself!

My mystery novel is out!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to drop a quick note to inform you all that my very first mystery novel has finally been published! ¬†It’s now live on Amazon at:

Feel free to share the news, tweet it, blog it, or whatever you’d like to do on social media. ¬†The more publicity it gets the better!

Now, here’s the unpleasant part. ¬†For the first time ever I decided to enroll one of my books in Kindle Unlimited. ¬†What does that mean to you? ¬†Well, it means that it’s only going to be available to Kindle owners. ¬†This was a decision I wrestled with for quite some time. ¬†I’ve always been a proponent of releasing a novel “wide”, meaning available in all formats. ¬†However, I have been curious to see how it’d do in KU, so I decided to give this brand new series a try. ¬†If I don’t see any difference whatsoever then I’ll pull it from KU and release it wide. The time frame involved is 90 days, so I have to give Amazon at least 3 months of exclusivity.

For those of you that were beta readers, can I ask a favor?  Could I possibly get you to head over to Amazon and leave the book a review?  Early reviews are always a helpful tool to indie authors.   Again, thanks for helping me out!

Beta Reader sign-up time!

This is the first of two beta-reader signups that I’m going to be holding.¬† If you’re here to volunteer your help, I truly appreciate it.¬† Just be certain you understand that you’re not signing up for both books, just one.

This is the beta reader signup for Case of the One-Eyed Tiger (Corgi Case Files #1).¬† This novel isn’t as long as my epic fantasy stories, and that’s because it isn’t (gasp!) a fantasy.¬† Yep, this is my first ever attempt at a mystery novel, written in first person narrative.¬† So go easy on me.

What’s expected:

  • Checking for typos & grammar problems
  • Continuity problems
  • Plot holes
  • Not concerned with giving harsh advice where necessary.¬† Trust me, I can take it.
  • Be willing to fill out an Excel form listing what page # you found the problem, what type of problem it was, and why (only if you want to) you feel there’s a problem.

Still interested in signing up?¬† Leave a comment below so that I know you were here and have read the What’s Expected section.

Thanks in advance!¬† I look forward to working with you!¬† Stay tuned.¬† As soon as PoR (Tales of Lentari #6) is ready for beta readers, I’ll post a similar announcement!


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Any wine connoisseurs out there?

This request goes out to all wine lovers out there.¬† A book I’m presently working on features a character living in a small community where there are several local wineries.¬† What are your favorite wines?¬† Are they from local wineries or are they from a well known brand?¬† I was looking for some ideas for some local wines for the town.

Let me know your thoughts!¬† I’m dropping the security down so that anyone can post.¬† Thanks in advance!


Looking for that next great book!

Are you an aspiring author? ¬†Have you already published a book or two and are looking for more reviews? ¬†If your title has 10 reviews or less, is either sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, or thriller, and doesn’t feature vampires or zombies, feel free to drop me a line. ¬†I’m always looking for that new great read.

Instead of telling you what books I like I’ll instead tell you which I don’t care for. ¬†I’m not a fan of horror. ¬†Or erotica. ¬†I don’t like zombies or vampires, but I will say that I’ve read several stories that had a little of each as supporting characters and I was okay with it. ¬†The worst that could happen is that I’d just tell you that I wasn’t interested. ¬†Otherwise if you’re looking for reviews, leave a comment with your book’s blurb and I’ll go take a look.

Happy reading!


ps. ¬†ToL6 is coming along nicely, as is my very first mystery novel! ¬†ūüôā

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Ye olde Scribes were on Strike…

It was brought to my attention that the “Welcome” email that is sent after someone subscribes to the Daily Scroll wasn’t working.¬† A quick check revealed the problem.¬† GoDaddy, which I was using as the Postman, so-to-speak, went on strike.¬† The Post Office (GoDaddy) decided it didn’t want to do any more unneeded work unless it was sending a message to someone in their own town.¬† So, long story short, Welcome emails weren’t being delivered.¬† I’m not sure how long that’s been going on.¬† I even tried a test delivery for the newsletter (which was working fine last time) and nothing came through.

So for any of you that didn’t get the link to the free short story, Hunt for Red Oskorlisk, please let me know and I’ll resend the Welcome email to you that has the link.

Sorry ’bout that.¬† Oh, I should also mention that there’s a major revamp in the works for the website.¬† Why?¬† Because twinkletoes here (yours truly) has created another series and this time, it isn’t fantasy.¬† I’ve listed as my official website for so long that I can’t necessarily say that any more.¬† It wouldn’t make sense for the new series to point to, so I’m researching ideas.

Oh, well.  I think it was time to find a new WordPress theme anyway.  Anyone know of any really cool themes?


Who wants to be a Beta Reader?

Hi, guys!

Well, here I am, rapidly approaching the finish line to my 8th book. ¬†Wizard in the Woods is a fun romp featuring Mikal and a few returning characters, along with a couple of new ones. ¬† My deadline to have everything done is¬† August 21st, ’cause that’s when I’m supposed to have the finished, edited, and proofed manuscript submitted to Amazon so I can easily make the release day, which is the end of August.

So, it’s time to line up some beta readers. ¬†Many of you have expressed interest in helping me out. ¬†For that, I am eternally thankful. ¬†Nothing makes me feel better than having a whole slew of people anxious to sign up. ¬†Therefore, before you add your name to the hat, let me run through what I’m looking for in a beta reader.

  • Beta readers will have strong spelling skills. ¬†I will be using my spellchecker but mistakes can and will slip through the cracks.
  • Good English skills. ¬†Do I have a fragmented sentence? ¬†How about the wrong tense of verb?
  • Able to spot continuity/plot holes. ¬†Did I reference something but then never mentioned it again? ¬†Did I leave a gaping plot hole?
  • Able to offer critique without worrying about hurting my feelings. ¬†Trust me, I’ve heard it all. ¬†An unbiased opinion is worth its weight in gold to an author.

If you’re interested, even after reading all of that, then please leave a comment below and let me know you’d like to sign up. ¬†On top of my normal betas (family & friends) I will typically select anywhere from 6-8 people and give them a .pdf of the book. ¬†That way whenever a problem has been spotted you can reference a specific page number, paragraph number, line number, etc., and I’ll easily be able to find it.

Oh, as a reminder, the Daily Scroll will be going out tonight with the very first sneak peek at the cover. ¬†It’s in early design stage, and the artist has given me three possible designs to choose from. ¬†I’ll be going over each one and explaining what I like and don’t like, and what I’d like to see for the next attempt. ¬†Want to see it and be involved in its creation? ¬†Sign up today!

Thanks, everyone!


Character interview nominations!

I’m getting ready to do my first ever character interview. ¬†I thought it something fun to do, so if you’ve ever wished you could ask Steve, or Sarah, or maybe Rhenyon a question then Now’s the time to nominate your favorite character! ¬†Whichever character gets the most votes will be the one who gets to sit in the Chair and be interviewed by the queen, who as many of you will know, cannot be lied to.

Who is it gonna be?  Let me know who your vote is for!  Any character in the books is fair game, no matter how minor a character they may be.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend so far!