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Sep 30, 2020 - General, Latest, News, Updates    4 Comments

Corgi Case Files… Missing!

Today marks the day I “unpublished” all ten of my Corgi Case Files titles. I pulled them from Amazon, Google, and Smashwords. Now, you might find them for sale at a few retailers in the upcoming days, but as time passes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find them. This includes ebooks and print editions, but does NOT include audiobooks. Trust me, this is okay. In fact, it’s intentional.

So, what is this all about? Well, as I mentioned a week or so ago, my Corgi Case Files series was picked up by a publisher! Columbine Publishing Group will handle everything about the ebook and print formats from now on. Since I already had an arrangement for the audiobooks, those weren’t included.

My publisher assured me they will get them re-released as soon as possible. Maybe the first three by the end of the year? We will see. Fingers crossed! Nevertheless, Corgi Case Files may be currently missing, but rest assured, they will be back. Look for them under the Secret Staircase Books name, Columbine’s Mystery & Thriller imprint.

I shouldn’t forget to mention… Case of the Great Cranberry Caper (Corgi Case Files #11) should be released in time for the holidays this year! Happy reading!

Sep 22, 2020 - General, Latest, News, Updates    2 Comments

Hi, everyone!

Just a quick heads-up about what’s been happening with me in the last week or so. At the suggestion of a family member, I contacted Columbine Publishing Group about potentially submitting my mystery series, Corgi Case Files, for consideration. My ultimate goal has always been to get the books into as many readers’ hands as possible. This publisher has an imprint which handles mystery and thriller books: Secret Staircase Books. They were looking for lighter fare cozy mysteries, and they said they “heavily favor series where there are at least 3 books”. Well, my cozy mystery series has 10 released titles at the moment, and I pride myself on keeping my stories light-hearted and fun.

What could it hurt to try?

Long story short, after an email interview, submission of CCF1, a request for an additional manuscript (I sent them CCF8), and a Zoom meeting with the CEO and the head of Editing, I was offered a publishing contract for the whole 10 book series, with first rights to addtional titles in the series. What does that mean for me? Well, that’s easy. I don’t have to worry about marketing the titles anymore. I don’t have to worry about editing, or formatting, or cover design. Secret Staircase Books will now be handling all of it, so the only thing I’m responsible for is writing!

So…. yeah. I’ve been on Cloud 9 lately. I’m really thrilled to begin working with this group and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the series! Now, if you have questions, or have been wondering what it means for the CCF series, I can safely tell you absolutely nothing will be changing on your end. The books will still be available in print and ebook form. I’m pretty sure the cover design will still be handled by Felipe, my illustrator for the last 9 books. The prices might go up a smidge, but for the first time ever, that part is out of my hands.

I do have another CCF title in the works: Case of the Great Cranberry Caper (Corgi Case Files #11). My publisher tells me that, as long as I can get the book completed by the end of October, they’ll make it available for release before the holiday season arrives. Have no fear. I plan on having it done by mid-October, easy. 🙂

My fantasy series will continue to be published by Yours Truly. I’m still working on Harness the Fire (Dragons of Andela #1). Dragons, magic, comedy, and unexpected surprises and twists. I’m having a ball with it.

That’s it for me. If you have any questions, or have been wondering anything, don’t hesitate to post a question about it, or leave a comment. I read all comments on here, and will typically reply back within a day or so. Happy reading!


New Mystery Title Available!

Case of the Abandoned Bones (Corgi Case Files #10) has been officially released! If you have already pre-ordered the title, you have my thanks, and by the time you open your electronic device, the book should already be waiting for you. For those of you who’d like to check it out, I’ve included some easy links in order to make things easier.

Amazon Amazon UK Apple Barnes & Noble Google Play Kobo Smashwords

For the rest of you, especially the fans of my fantasy stories, I can tell you that progress is coming along nicely for Harness the Fire (Dragons of Andela #1). I hope to have it finished by the end of September, with a release date at the end of October. Keep your fingers crossed!

Keep an eye on the blog here. I think it’s time to do a couple of giveaways. Up for grabs will be some print copies of your favorite stories, be it mystery or fantasy! I just gotta think of something to make you guys do. 🙂

Stay safe out there! Happy reading!


Aug 17, 2020 - General, Indie Authors, Latest, News    Comments Off on Rebranding Pirates of Perz

Rebranding Pirates of Perz

There are some among you, the eagle-eyed fans, who have noticed that I had quietly absorbed my “Pirates of Perz” trilogy into my “Tales of Lentari” series. Why? Well, the easiest explanation is that not that many fans/readers knew it was part of the Lentari series. No matter how many descriptions and “Author Notes” I put in the blurb, this series never caught on that well. So, I decided to rebrand the series, redo the cover, and add the yellow scroll known for being on the Tales of Lentari series. Plus, I added a small black flag just below the scroll, which displays the “Pirates of Perz #”. Fingers crossed that it will help readers find more stories with their favorite characters!

The end of the month is rapidly approaching. I have the 10th novel in my Corgi Case Files series set to be released then. Case of the Abandoned Bones. Zack is gonna find more human remains on his property, and once more, he’ll find himself on the other side of the table during a police investigation. Will Sherlock and Watson be able to point everyone in the right direction?

It’s up for pre-orders, so if you haven’t already, reserve yourself a copy today!

At the moment, I’m hard at work on the new Dragons of Andela series. I’m hoping to have it finished by next month. Then, of course, it’ll be back to Pomme Valley for a spell.

Busy, busy, busy. But, as you guys may have noticed, most people are stuck at home, without much else to do. Why not be productive at the same time? Speaking of being productive, I’m also pleased to announce my audiobook narrator is hard at work on CCF7. Case of the Highland House Haunting was an absolute blast to write. Can’t wait to hear it in audiobook form!

That’s it for now. Stay safe out there, people, and don’t forget to mask up!!


Jun 9, 2020 - General, Indie Authors, Latest, News, Updates    Comments Off on CCF9 Published!

CCF9 Published!

Now available! Case of the Dysfunctional Daredevils is now available at the following retailers:

Amazon Amazon UK Apple BN Google Kobo Scribd Smashwords

Also available for a pre-order, on Amazon, is Case of the Abandoned Bones (Corgi Case Files #10)! Stop by to reserve your copy today!

I also revamped the “Books” page. You’ll see it listed under “Published Titles”. Was experimenting with some widgets. Let me know what you think!

Jun 1, 2020 - General, Indie Authors, Latest, News, Updates    Comments Off on CCF9 Finished!

CCF9 Finished!

Hi, guys! As you can probably see from the previous post here, CCF9 has been given to my Posse, and (probably) be torn apart by now. 🙂 That means it should be (hopefully) released by early next week!

As for me, I’m already off and planning CCF10.  A prominent citizen of PV will, unfortunately, meet their untimely demise, and a certain someone is gonna be accused of murder.  Again.  🙂

Hope you’re all staying healthy and safe!  Don’t forget to mask up if you go outside!

Dec 4, 2019 - General, Indie Authors, Latest, News, Updates    Comments Off on Preorder Next Mystery!

Preorder Next Mystery!

Hi, guys!

The next mystery story, Case of the Ostentatious Otters (Corgi Case Files #8), has been completed and is ready for preorder! This was last month’s NaNoWriMo challenge, and I’m pleased to say that I beat it in less than three weeks. 🙂

So, if you haven’t already, stop by Amazon using the link below and preorder your copy today!

Case of the Ostentatious Otters

Up next will be the brand new fantasy series I’ve had in the works for a while. No, this isn’t the dark fantasy (which is STILL in the works), but instead, a brand new magical world, with new characters, new magic, and a new story. The Dragons of Andela features dragons and their riders, living in a remote kingdom where the rules of magic have isolated the different climes: ice, fire, wind, and so on. All dragons strive to find a human rider, and all humans strive to be chosen by a dragon. The problem is, only a very select few of the dragons can bond with a human, and only a very low number of humans can bond with a dragon. Further complicating matters is the Rule: no dragon can bond with a human who doesn’t reside within their clime. For example, a fire dragon cannot bond with a human who lives in the Lower Plains, home of the ice dragons.

It’s been the way of the world for many thousands of years. However, none of that matters now, as a new threat has been discovered.

A new power has manifested, and it is threatening to destroy all life on Andela. The Lava Fields are cooling; the Ice Plains are thawing. It could only mean the magic is leaving Andela. Desperate to save their world, the human king and the High Dragon task the Kai, an archaic name for dragons and their riders, to eliminate the threat, only the Kai have been dwindling in numbers.

Now, more than ever, the dragons are vying with each other to try and find a human to bond with. Why? Because they know that together, as Kai, they are more formidable; powerful. Dragons and humans both know that a bonded Kai could draw upon a mix of both powers. Mix a boulder-conjuring human with a fire-breathing dragon and you’d get the ability to conjure flaming boulders. The more unique the ability, the more powerful the union becomes. And yet… a human has been discovered who can bond with any dragon, regardless of region.

Imagining magical combinations never before conceived, the rush is on to locate and identify this magical being! But… will it be enough to defeat the force that threatens Andela?

Expected release… Spring, 2020!